The Ivy Crown EP contains my earliest songs, with Love Song of a Willow Tree being my very first! I learnt so much through writing and recording this collection of songs and it really helped me find my feet as a songwriter. Working with our good friend and producer, Curtis, we developed a real taste for recording and producing, and that led us to write and record the next two albums. Most of the Ivy Crown songs set the tone for our later work with themes of the natural world throughout - as well as a real-life story or two.

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Harri E-M - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Curtis Wayne Pierce, Jr. - Beats, Synths, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo & Backing Vocals

Written by Harri E-M
Produced by Curtis Wayne Pierce, Jr. & Harri E-M

Recorded by Curtis Wayne Pierce, Jr.
Mixed & Mastered by Curtis Wayne Pierce, Jr.